Course Materials

Login and download details are sent to everyone who has signed up for the course. 

The course materials are:

1. The Course Handbook with important information (to follow later).  

2. The course core music prepared by Ned Bennett with improvisation guidance. Everyone should download the versions for their instrument/voice.  There is also a Spotify Playlist with some examples.

3. Tutor specific music.  This will be downloadable in April after we have allocated bands.  You should then download the tunes specific to your group.  Most of the pieces for singers will be included.

All materials are Adobe PDFs. Please print and bring all of these with you to the course (and try to practice them before!).  Unfortunately, we will not be able to print or copy these materials for you on the course.

Any queries or problems, please let us know.

Here is a Spotify Playlist of the sheet music to inspire you: 

The Core Music is below: